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Thread: Black Ops Free Weekend on Steam Starts Today

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    Black Ops Free Weekend on Steam Starts Today [PC]

    Original Article here

    <strong>QUOTE</strong> Originally Posted by PC Gamer magazine
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most played multiplayer shooters in the world right now, loitering below Counter-Strike and Modern Warfare 2. It's about to become even more popular. If you've been watching the Black Ops phenomenon from afar and find yourself wondering what the hell all the fuss is about, there's a free weekend kicking off later today. This will give anyone with a Steam account unlimited access to Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer modes. The free weekend kicks off at 10AM PST / 6PM GMT, and you can get a head start by preloading the game on Steam now. Thanks to Evil Avatar for the heads up.
    <strong>QUOTE</strong> Originally Posted by Other News
    Steam's gearing up for another of its famous 'free weekends,' this time granting full and free access to Call of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer mode on PC to anyone who fancies it. If you've somehow manage to avoid the hugely successful series, whether through disinterest, frugality, or hate, here's your chance to give it a bash.
    The free weekend will begin at 10am Pacific today and run until, one imagines, around the end of the weekend. You can pre-load Cod Blops now to have everything downloaded before it unlocks.
    With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 now revealed and on its way, it's a fine time for publisher Activision to take advantage of the hype and get more people interested in the series with a free weekend. If it also helps shift a few more copies of Cod Blops before it's superseded, well, that'd be just dandy.
    Funny how the "weekend" starts on Thursday/Friday

    Yeah, so Steam's been having a free weekend for Black Ops starting today, anybody can download the game on steam and play on the PC for free until Sunday. I'm not sure if there's a sale that comes with it (but free weekended games It's kind of fun to play on the PC, and it'd be nice if people bought the game for PC). If you do happen to buy it though or plan to play this free weekend, feel free to add me on Steam (in my sig) but yeah, probably no one here is going to buy it for the PC (or maybe even play during the free weekend)

    On a side note for people here who do have it for the PC, have you been enjoying mopping the floor with the tons of prestige zeros that have popped up everywhere since the free weekend? I certainly do for one.
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    Stupid if you ask me.

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    don't have dat game...
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    I think I'll pass...

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