I thought I would dedicate this article to my thoughts about the first map pack that was released on the game, Call of Duty: Black ops. I will be going over the content that was released in the map pack while telling you my thoughts about them.

First Strike!

This first map pack released four new thrilling maps for the online multiplayer mode and one new zombies map. The first of the four maps is, "Kowloon"

This map left you holding your breathe as you looked over the edge to your death from an endless drop. Out of the maps released form this pack I feel in favorites with this one. In this map you are in the rainy environments of Kowloon City, where your visibility is limited form long distance. You also have to be aware of all the entrances and view peaks all over the map. You can also take a zip line across to the other side. Even though, I would not recommend doing so if you want to live. This gave me a new spark for this game for a small bit.

The Second map to be released for the multiplayer was, "Stadium"

The name basically tell the story about this one to some extent. You are at a sports complex; though you can only go into the stands on the hockey rink. Most of the game is played on the sports complex grounds, the entrance panels, other complex buildings, and park sitting benches..ect Stadium is a pretty small map like Nuketown. Basically, you go 10 steps and you are in enemy territory. Most players in this game I feel have a hate/love relationship with this map.

Third map to be released, "Discovery"

I snowy wonderland! A new map that you can hunt down your favorite friends in an abandoned German outpost. This map I think had the most thought put into it out of the bunch. It also lets you interact with objects such as Kowloon did. There are three bridges in the map that you can shoot at and break the ice away to create a gap for enemies or teammates to jump over. This is a good map for those few good snipers out there.

Fourth map to be released for multiplayer, "Berlin Wall"

Don't run in the RED! Or it might be the last thing you do on this map. There are tons of torrents ready on the shoot if anyone dears to travel in the red restricted areas on this map. Over all this was a well designed map. There is one factor that hurts it, camping noobs. They just can't seem to help themselves on this map. They must always travel in a group and camp together. Tsk. Tsk.

Ascension, the new zombie map released.

This is an exciting new map for you and your friends to play on. This map requires you to have good team work to fight off the space chimps from destroying all of your perks and to also setup a little something special that involves the death machine. This map you can flying landers from three different locations back to the main base to put fuel into the rocket so that you can set it off then upgrade your guns in the pack-a-punch. You can also shoot down the rocket with two different guns to earn a two times that appears under it. Good Luck on this map to reach over 30 rounds without a good team to back you up.