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Thread: EV Training Hotspots for Pokemon Black/White (Work in Progress)

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    EV Training Hotspots for Pokemon Black/White (Work in Progress)

    So I'm tired of going to Bulbapedia to check what Pokemon appear on what place and what levels they are and what EVs they give out. Google hasn't helped that much either.

    At the beginning of the game there are too many wild Pokemon that give out Attack EVs and I wouldn't like to keep battling them once my Pokemon reach higher levels.

    Plus, I have not been able to find EV reducing berries yet so if you plan on training new Pokemon in Unova you will have to make your pokemon go through STRICT EV training.

    Therefore, I have compiled a short list of EV training Hotspots. It's not complete, but I welcome any of you to contribute and I will consider putting them up on the list. The only requirement is that the Pokemon mentioned will have to commonly appear.

    NOTE: If they are color coded, then that means that this area is also good for other EVs.

    - Fight Audinos in shaking grass anywhere (+2)
    - Driftveil Drawbridge Shadows: Ducklett (+1) They are at levels 22-25. Collect wings while you're at it.

    -Route 1: Lillipup and Patrat (+1 each) This place is meh since they are low levels.
    -Dreamyard (Basement): Watchog DP (+1), Kricketune(+2), Ariados (+2). Levels 47-50. Watch out for Venomoth and Ledian. DP = dark patch outside.
    -Route 10: Herdier (+2), Sawk (+2) (Black only), Rufflet (+1) (White only), Bouffalant (+2). Levels 33-36. Avoid Throh in White and Vullaby in Black.
    -Route 9: Pawniard (+1), Garbodor (+2). levels 31-34. An okay spot with an occasional Liepard and Mincinno if you're training an Attack sweeper.

    -Wellspring Cave: Roggenrola (+1)

    Special Attack:
    -Celestial Tower: Litwick and Elygem (+1 each) There's a nurse near the top of the floor that you could use to restore PP and/or health if necessary.
    -Route 9: Duosion (+2) (White only) Levels 31-34. There are others here that give Speed and Attack EVs, but Duosion is most common. Watch out for Pawniard and Garbodor since they give attack EVs.

    Special Defense: (We miss you Tentacruel)
    -Route 4, 17, 18, Driftveil City, P2 Laboratory: Frillish (+1) Surf in water.

    - Fight Basculin wherever there is water (+1) They could be a varying levels depending where you are.
    -Marvelous Bridge Shadows: Swanna (+2) I like this spot because they are levels 48-50 and as an added bonus you can collect EV increasing wings while you're at it. Probably the best spot I've found.
    -Dreamyard: (Basement) Liepard (+2) DP, Raticate (+2) DP and Basement. levels 47-50. Again Watch out for Venomoth and Ledian. DP = dark patch outside.
    -Route 9: Liepard (+2), Mincinno (+1). Levels 32-33. Pawniard and Garbodor appear with attack EVs if you're training an Attacking sweeper. Duosion does too if you're doing a Special sweeper (White only.

    I like the bridges since they give you teh wings :kiss2:

    List compiled with the help of Bulbapedia.

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    The lower level the pokemon are the more EVs you will gain since you will drag on EVs while gaining EXP.

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