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Thread: PS3: The Original Prestige Hack (Any prestige you want)

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    PS3: The Original Prestige Hack (Any prestige you want)

    *I took this from a site that I regularly visit. None of it is my work, but I got myself hacked using this. And if you think hacking is bad, some people think it's great, so please don't spam my ass saying that I'm a stupid noob who needs to hack myself to seem better than other people.

    I should have included this a long time ago, but here is a list of hacks that cannot be done. Hopefully it will put a stop to 95% of the private messages I receive.
    1. Me doing this hack for you. I do not have a Windows PC which I would need to have in order to bypass the patch, so please refrain from asking me to do this for you.
    2. Getting all the titles and emblems. There is simply no way to do this.
    3. Getting all challenges/camos. Once again, there is no way to do this.
    4. Combining this with the leaderboard hack and having your leaderboard stats stay permanently. Your stats will always go back to what they were before when you play un-bypassed, even though your prestige will stick.

    NOTICE: This hack can still be completed, but now you must bypass the latest patch in order to do so. The best method of doing this can be found here:

    Following this tutorial will allow you to immediately and permanently get you're account to whatever prestige you would like it to be. it is 100% safe and effective.

    Part 1: The files

    US users:
    simply download the file listed below that corresponds to the prestige you would like to end up at. once downloaded, you must extract it using stuffit or winrar or some other program of those sorts.

    Here are the files

    1st Prestige
    2shared - download

    2nd prestige:
    2shared - download

    3rd prestige:
    2shared - download

    4th prestige:
    2shared - download

    5th prestige:
    2shared - download

    6th prestige:
    2shared - download

    7th prestige:
    2shared - download

    8th prestige:
    2shared - download

    9th prestige: - free file sharing and storage ( may be corrupt )

    10th prestige:
    2shared - download

    once you have downloaded your file and extracted the contents, transfer the whole folder titled PS3 onto your flashdrive. this folder contains both of the necessary saves. now proceed straight to part 2.

    Users outside of the US:
    Because your save file is in a different format than for US residents, you must unfortunately do some file transfers before you can move on to part 2. first off you are going to want to boot up modern warfare 2 on your ps3 and create two offline profiles; one called PRESTIGE and another called ERROR FILE (names dont really matter, im just suggesting them as a way to prevent any confusion with names later on). now quit modern warfare 2 and transfer the save files from your PS3 to your flash drive via the saved data utility located under the game menu.

    Now download one of the files linked above that corresponds to your desired prestige, extract the contents, and navigate to PS3/SAVEDATA in the downloaded folder. you will see two files titled BLUS30377-PROFILEMP-PRESTIGE and BLUS30377-PROFILEMP-ERROR_FILE. connect your flash drive to your computer, open it up, and navigate to PS3/SAVEDATA, you should see the two saves that you just created on your PS3. Now, hopefully you named your offline profiles with what i recommended, so all you must do now is take the MPDATA files located within the downloaded saves, and transfer them to the saves on your flash drive.

    PART 2: the hack, read it very carefully:

    You will now want to start up your ps3, plug in your flash drive, and then go into the saved data utility under the game menu. now copy your saves from your flash drive to your system and then start up modern warfare 2 with the latest patch still installed on your system. Go into multiplayer, then play online, and let your online stats load up. Now go back into split screen and load up the PRESTIGE FILE on one controller, and then ERROR FILE on the other. Exit from the error message, go back into splitscreen, enter the game lobby with both controllers and start up a game. Once you have done that, exit from the game back to the home XMB. There you are gong to want to go into game data utility under the game menu and delete the modern warfare 2 patch that is located there.

    Now you are going to follow the remaining instructions in the Unknown's thread to initiate the patch blocker. Once done, start up modern warfare 2 again.

    you are going to want to go multiplayer, click play online, then back out and go into split screen.

    load up the save titled ERROR FILE on controller 1 so that you get the error, and then go back into splitscreen again. continue into the game lobby on controller 1, and prestige. after getting the error, go back into splitscreen again.

    now you are going to change profile on controller 1 and load up the PRESTIGE save file. you will not get an error.

    Now, go to controller 2 and load up the ERROR FILE save, and after getting the error, go to play online and you will see yourself as 9th prestige level 70 (or whatever you edited your file to).

    Now go into prestige mode in the barracks in the main play online lobby, and prestige. you will now be 10th prestige level 1. now simply go join a game and VIOLA! you're account is now permanently 10th prestige (or whatever other) and you simply have to rank it up to level 70 one last time. your leaderboard stats will also be identical to what they were before, no need to worry about getting reset!

    Some final things to note: when you do the hack, all your leaderboard stats will stay the same as before, as well as your titles and emblems, with one exception; as soon as you rank up one level, you will be awarded with all the titles/emblems associated with prestiging, so dont worry when right after doing the hack you see that they are missing. Also, finally, if you get signed out during this process, and in all likelihood, you will, simply sign back in again and continue with the tutorial.

    also, all the challenges that you completed on the prestige you were on before doing the hack will stay completed, so any given pro perks, gun camos, or attachements that you obtained on your prior prestige will be instantly unlocked when you reach the required level.

    finally, when you join your first game, you will see that the game will display the amount of custom class slots that correspond to the prestige you were on before the hack. DONT WORRY! as soon as you get to level 4 and unlock create a class, you will be awarded with the proper amount of slots.
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    Its so easy to tell when someone is a hacked prestige.
    Just give me something to believe in
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    <strong>QUOTE</strong> Originally Posted by Grapes View Post
    Its so easy to tell when someone is a hacked prestige.
    Yah just look at the kills

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