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Default How To Rip/Extract/Export Models from Mario Kart 64, Double Dash!!, DS, & More!

How To Extract ANY Model From ANY 3D Mario Kart GAME!


Okay, I may as well say this now. I will NOT be able to help you with every bit of this guide, BUT, I may be able to help some of you if you post below. Other wise, I will not answer any questions sent to me.

I Will Update This As Often As I Can.


(So pretty much do not steal!)

Nintendo Formats

This section explains how to obtain models from games that are used on Nintendo systems

Extracting From MK64 & Any N64 Game

(Including: Super Mario 64, The Legend Of Zelda, Diddy Kong Racing, & nearly every 3rd Dimension N64 Game!)

This section will show you how to rip from Mario Kart 64. This is the most, but longest, easy of the three.[CENTER/]

You Will Need:
*Nemu64 Emulator
*N64 Rom
*3DS Max Trial (Or Full Version) (Download)

First, open up a file on your Desktop. (E.G. Recycle Bin), on the top you will see: an address bar, paste "C:\" over whatever is there, and press "Enter" on your key board. Make a new folder in the C:\ drive, and name it "VRML". The reason for doing this is because this is the file location that the Emulator has it set to place the models & textures. Now open up the emulator, and go to 'ROM -> Load ROM". Select a N64 Rom. In the game, go to the desired Course/Level or area you wish to extract. Now, in the emulator go to "Plugins -> Free Camera Movement", and move it until you see the largest amount of the course. Next, press the "F4" key to pause. Go to "Plugins -> Configure Video Plugin". A new tiny window will open, check the thing that says "Export VRML". Press okay. Now rapidly press F4 twice. Do this a few times in different areas of the course a few times to make sure the get every piece of it. Now go to "C:\VRML" and makes sure there is/re file(s) named "output.wrl", and for each one a number on the ens in the order 1, 2, 3,.... Next create a new folder on your desktop, just call it "Models". Drag everything from the "VRML" folder into the "Models" folder.

Now open 3DS max. Click the 3DS Max logo in the top left corner. Go to "Import". Go to the folder you names "Models". Now look at the file type. Choose ".WRAP/.VRML". Import the model you ripped first.

Extracting From Mario Kart Double Dash!!, & moast GC/Wii Games!

(Including: Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Windwaker, & many more!)

What You Will Need:

GameCube/Wii ISO
Dolphin Emulator (Download)
SZS Tools (Download)

Probably the best Gamecube and Wii emulator available besides maybe private ones by Nintendo. As a side feature, it extracts files from Wii and Gamecube ISO's. Just set your ISO directory by going to Options->Configure, clicking the paths tab, and then click add to select a directory. When that's set up, right click a game in Dolphin's main window click properties, go to the filesystem tab.

The location of the level/character model you are searching for may vary from game to game.

Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, & Both Zelda games have their level/object models contained the level's data. For example, if you wished to obtain the Pianta Model from The Daisy Cruiser, then you'd extract the level data for the Diasy Cruiser and locate the model inside.

Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario Galaxy 2 are a different story however. They have a file named "ObjectData" within the ISO. This contains every model, for each object, planet, and characters found in game.

For each game listed, the models are usually stored within files that end with these extensions:

.yaz0, .rarc, .arc, & .szs.

If the file ends in a .rarc, then drag it directly into the RarcDump.exe incuded with the SZS Tools.

If it ends with a .yaz0, .rarc, or a .szs, then drag it first into yaz0dec.exe, then a new file will be produced, which you will then drag into RarcDump.exe.

The result will be a Folder named after the file you dragged into RarcDump.exe, which will contain either BMD or BDL Model.

From here there are two methods to actually obtain the model in a editable format. One is harder and preserves vertex colour, and the other is easier but with no vertex colour.

Method 1 (Easy)

Things you'll need:

*BMD Viewer 2 (Download)
*A 3D Editing software (Like Sketchup, Blender, 3DS Max, ECT)

Drag the BMD/BDL into the BMD Viewer 2. Select the "Export" option for the "File" tab. Export the Model as 3DS, then import it into your 3D Editing software.

Method 2 (Hard)

Thing you'll need:

*3DS Max Trial (Or Full Version) (Download)
*BMD 3DS Plugin (Download)
*BDL2BMD.exe (Download)
*AutoDesk FBX Converter (Download)
*BrawlBox (Download)

If you're using a BDL Model, then read the following paragraph. If you are using a BMD Model, then please skip to the next Paragraph. Rename you BDL model "In.bdl". Place it in that same folder as bdl2bmd.exe. Run bdl2bmd.exe. Locate "Out.bmd", and that is your BDL Model converted to BMD

After you add the plugin to 3DS Max, import your BMD file. The only way to preserve the vertex colours would be to export and import as .fbx, and imported into BrawlBox. To do so, first export themodel as FBX from 3DS Max. Use the AutoDesk FBX Converter to convert the FBX to DAE, where you will then import it into BrawlBox and save it as a BRRES.

Extracting From Mario Kart DS & Other DS Games

Including: New Super Mario Bros. (DS), Sonic Colours (DS), Nintendogs & More!

What You Will Need:
Tihaxan & NSBMD (Download)
MKDS Course Modifier(Download)
3DVIA Printscreen and 3ds Max plugin(Download)
3DS Max (Trial or Full Version)(Download)

Please note: This guide is written as if you are attempting to rip model from Mario kart DS. If you are trying any other game, then some terms may vary.

Once you have downloaded the .zip file, extract it to your desktop. Basically, the Tahaxan program is used for extracting the 3D models out of a DS game, and the NSBMD program is used for viewing the 3D models.

Double-click on the Tihaxan program. Now click the button that says "Open NDS ROM". You may notice a lot of NARC files in your game. A CARC file stands for "Nintendo U8 Archive". CARCs are designed to hold any files that your game will need. You should double-click on any CARC files.
To get the model out of the carc file open MKDS Course Modifier and open the carc. Click in the treeview on course_model.nsbmd and hit the button with the package and the arrow up to export the file. Now that you have your NSBMD file, you will need to go through a few more steps.
Open 3DVIA Printscreen, and untick "Show Preview". Obviously set the hotkey and folder to whatever you want. Extract the model/texture to the same directory as the NSBMD viewer, and drag/drop the model file onto the .exe. Press the rip hotkey while with the model viewer window in focus. Close out of 3DVIA Printscreen, because it glitches 3DS Max, then open 3DS Max. (to install the 3DXML plugin follow the included read me. Start the 3DXML importer, and choose the source file and source .max file. Click the "Read Source" button, wait for it to finish working, then click the "Write Destination" button. Look around and you will find the model at an odd angle somewhere in the scene. Rotate it back to a normal position. The UVW Map is larger than it should be, so edit the UVW and scale it done until the texture is the proper size again.

Extracting From Mario Kart Wii & Many Wii Games

(Including: Sonic Colours (Wii), New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Party 9, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, All 3 Mario & Sonic Titles, and MANY more!)

What You Will Need:

*Wii ISO
*Wii Scrubber/(Dolphin)
*BRRES Viewer (Download)

Extract the needed file(s) from the desired game.

You will first need to access the BRRES within the game's files. Unfortunately, no two games work the same, so accessing the BRRES may prove to be challenge varying from game to game.

For example, to extract a BRRES from a SZS in Mario Kart Wii, you'll need CTools, to extract a BRRES from a PAC in SSBB, you'll need BrawlBox, and to extract a BRRES from a CPK in Sonic Colours, you'll need a CPK Unpacker.

There is also another problem that may persist. Some games have the textures already existing within the BRRES for the model, while others have then withing a completely separate file somewhere else. In order for this method to work, you'll need the textures to be inside of the BRRES. The next section will explain how you will re-implent the textures inside of a BRRES that has none:

Re-Implenting missing textures

Things you'll need:

*BrawlBox (Download)

Open two BrawlBox windows. Open the BRREX that is in need of textures.

Your first stop for locating the hidden textures would be to look inside of every BRETX file that was included with the BRRES.

Your second stop would be to look in any BRRES that has the word "Tex" in it. For example "LevelTex.brres".

Your stop would be to simply drag any unfamiliar file that begins has a BR in it's file extension.

If you have located the textures, then great. Now use BrawlBox to export each texture as PNG to one folder. Do not attempt to alter it's name in any way. Then go and import each texture into the BRRES that needs them. Save the BRRES to a alternate location and then close.

Exporting the model

Now drag your BRRES into the BRRES Viewer. In the "File" tab, select export, and then OBJ. Export the model as OBJ to any location. This format of OBJ unfortunately is only compatible with 3DS Max, however several methods exist that allow you to convert 3DS Max into Sketchup models.

Ripping Bones

What you'll need:

*BrawlBox (Download)
*3DS Max Trial (Or Full Version) (Download)
*AutoDesk FBX Converter (Download)
*BRRES Viewer (Download)

Open the BRRES with BrawlBox. Select the MDL0 and export it as .dae. Drag the DAE into the FBX Converter and export as FBX.

Import the .fbx into Auto Desk 3DS Max.

The following section is to unsure that your bones are the correct size and dimensions. This is not necessary to get your bones working, but if you plan to rig a model using them it may be too small of a scale.

Drag the same BRRES you ripped the bones from into the BRRES Viewer. Export the model as OBJ using the method mentioned above. Import this OBJ into the 3DS max scene as well.

Align your view of the 3DS Max scene to the front. Rotating your OBJ Model so that it also faces you from the front in an upright position. Resize the bones so that they fit perfectly inside of the OBJ Model.

Delete the mesh of the OBJ model and save the bones in a 3DS Max scene. Your bones will now be the exact size and ready for use.

Additional guides

There are several issues that you may run into while using these guides, but there is no need to worry, as this section intends to cover the common issues you may experience while using these guides.

Converting between 3DS Max & Google Sketchup

A problem as old as time itself.

You search on Google for a solution, but all you find is methods for converting Sketchup to 3DS Max, not 3DS max to Sketchup. This will tell you how you will convert a model in the 3DS Max format to a model in the Sketchup format.


Now click the logo again, and choose "Export", and Minimize 3DS max using Task Manager. Open up the "Model" folder, and select one of the folder with the Textures in them and drag it to your desktop. Now re-open the 3DS max window you minimized. Now set the the file you will export to export to the folder with the textures on your desktop. See the "Save File As" drop down menu, and save it as ".3DS", and press okay. You will see an error that says "Preserve 3DS Texture Mappings" or something similar to that. Press "OK". No a new small window will open. This window will say the new texture names. So open the folder with the .3DS model and textures. For example, let's say there's a texture in the the texture folder names "ImageOne.png", and the small window in 3DS Max says "ImageOne.png" has been renamed "Imageo.png". What you do is every image that for every image that it lists, It will have a new name for it. Rename it each image in the folder with the new name 3DS Max gives it. After this is done, press okay, and close 3DS Max. Now open Google Sketchup, and go to "File -> Import", and go to folder with the ".3ds" File. See the "Files Of Type" drop down menu, and select ".3ds". Open up your 3DS file, and you've done it!

Current Update: 7/5/2012
Last Update: 7/14/2011

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Now an official Q & A.

Q: How long did this take?
A: About 3 hours.

Q: I'm confused and need, help, what now?
A: Post on this board, and I'll try to get back to you.

Q: It didn't work! What should I do???
A: Tell me! I will try to fix it.
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never coming back. RIP Fzerowii 9-13-08 to 12-31-2013

meh, too much work
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3DS Rainbow Road out, go and get it.
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Thanks, maybe one of these days over the summer I will attempt to port a track. But first I want to port Minecraft into MKWii and stuff (hint hint!).
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Originally Posted by Fzerowii View Post
meh, too much work
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I am still active, just not that active
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You're wrong about extracting the model from MKDD. There isn't any BRRES file in the SZS. Actually, there aren't SZS files, only ARC files, and inside then you'll find BMD files, not BRRES. You must convert the BMD to BRRES using BMD viewer.
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has no status.
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Igor I wasn't know about that way ^^
The way I know it's to use a macroscript with 3DS max to import BMD into max with all texture animation ect of game that got BMD
I will try your method thanks =)
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Do you plan to write a wiki article with this stuff?
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I am still active, just not that active
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Originally Posted by Baoulettes View Post
Igor I wasn't know about that way ^^
The way I know it's to use a macroscript with 3DS max to import BMD into max with all texture animation ect of game that got BMD
I will try your method thanks =)
Actually your method is as good as mine, because the BMD viewer only converts the model to 3DS.
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Originally Posted by igorseabra4 View Post
You're wrong about extracting the model from MKDD. There isn't any BRRES file in the SZS. Actually, there aren't SZS files, only ARC files, and inside then you'll find BMD files, not BRRES. You must convert the BMD to BRRES using BMD viewer.
Thanks! Will fix that. I was using my Super Mario Sunshine method.
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