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Default All MKWii File Names List

Filenames are now also on Custom Mario Kart Wiki: HERE!

Ok, I make this thread to avoid ones like "MKW Music Filenames??" or else

Some credits to Johnny! which posted a list of names over at MarioKartCustoms ( Here) it saved me some works


la_bike = Flame Runner
la_kart = Offroader
lb_bike = Wario Bike
lb_kart = Flame Flyer
lc_bike = Shooting Star
lc_kart = Piranha Prowler
ld_bike = Spear
ld_kart = Jetsetter
ldf_bike = Standard Bike L
ldf_kart = Standard Kart L
ldf_bike_blue = Standard Bike L (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
ldf_bike_red = Standard Bike L (Battle Mode + Red Team)
ldf_kart_blue = Standard Kart L (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
ldf_kart_red = Standard Kart L (Battle Mode + Red Team)
le_bike = Phantom
le_kart = Honeycoupe

ma_bike = Mach Bike
ma_kart = Classic Dragster
mb_bike = Sugarscoot
mb_kart = Wild Wing
mc_bike = Zip Zip
mc_kart = Super Blooper
md_bike = Sneakster
md_kart = Daytripper
mdf_bike = Standard Bike M
mdf_kart = Standard Kart M
mdf_bike_blue = Standard Bike M (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
mdf_bike_red = Standard Bike M (Battle Mode + Red Team)
mdf_kart_blue = Standard Kart M (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
mdf_kart_red = Standard Kart M (Battle Mode + Red Team)
me_bike = Dolphin Dasher
me_kart = Sprinter

sa_bike = Bullet Bike
sa_kart = Booster Seat
sb_bike = Bit Bike
sb_kart = Mini Beast
sc_bike = Quacker
sc_kart = Cheep Charger
sd_bike = Magikruiser
sd_kart = Tiny Titan
sdf_bike = Standard Bike S
sdf_kart = Standard Kart S
sdf_bike_blue = Standard Bike S (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
sdf_bike_red = Standard Bike S (Battle Mode + Red Team)
sdf_kart_blue = Standard Kart S (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
sdf_kart_red = Standard Kart S (Battle Mode + Red Team)
se_bike = Jet Bubble
se_kart = Blue Falcon

Add at the end of these names...

-bds = Baby Daisy
-bk = Dry Bowser
-blg = Baby Luigi
-bmr = Baby Mario
-bpc = Baby Peach
-ca = Birdo
-dd = Diddy Kong
-dk = Donkey Kong
-ds = Daisy
-ds3 = Daisy (Biker Outfit)*
-fk = Funky Kong
-jr = Bowser Jr.
-ka = Dry Bones
-kk = Toadette
-ko = Toad
-kp = Bowser
-kt = King Boo
-la_mii_f = Large Mii Outfit A (Female)
-la_mii_m = Large Mii Outfit A (Male)
-lb_mii_f = Large Mii Outfit B (Female)
-lb_mii_m = Large Mii Outfit B (Male)
-lg = Luigi
-ma_mii_f = Medium Mii Outfit A (Female)
-ma_mii_m = Medium Mii Outfit A (Male)
-mb_mii_f = Medium Outfit B (Female)
-mb_mii_m = Medium Mii Outfit B (Male)
-mr = Mario
-nk = Koopa Troopa
-pc = Peach
-pc3 = Peach (Biker Outfit)*
-rs = Rosalina
-rs3 = Rosalina (Biker Outfit)*
-sa_mii_f = Small Mii Outfit A (Female)
-sa_mii_m = Small Mii Outfit A (Male)
-sb_mii_f = Small Mii Outfit B (Female)
-sb_mii_m = Small Mii Outfit B (Male)
-wl = Waluigi
-wr = Wario
-ys = Yoshi

Example: Yoshi's Mach bike = ma_bike-ys
Obviously, there isn't funky's blue falcon and things like this ^^

NOTE: add _2 and _4 at the end of the name for splitscreen mode


Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit beginner_course.szs
Moo Moo Meadows farm_course.szs
Mushroom George kinoko_course.szs
Toads Factory factory_course.szs

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit castle_course.szs
Coconut Mall shopping_course.szs
DK's Snowboard Cross boardcross_course.szs
Wario's Gold Mine truck_course.szs

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit senior_course.szs
Koopa Cape water_course.szs
Maple Treeway treehouse_course.szs
Grumble Volcano volcano_course.szs

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins desert_course.szs
Moonview highway ridgehighway_course.szs
Bowser's Castle koopa_course.szs
Rainbow Road rainbow_course.szs

Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach old_peach_gc.szs
DS Yoshi Falls old_falls_ds.szs
SNES Ghost Valley old_obake_sfc.szs
N64 Mario Raceway old_mario_64.szs

Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land old_sherbet_64.szs
GBA Shy Guy Beach old_heyho_gba.szs
DS Delfino Square old_town_ds.szs
GCN Waluigi Stadium old_waluigi_gc.szs

Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills old_desert_ds.szs
GBA Bowser Castle old_koopa_gba.szs
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway old_donkey_64.szs
GCN Mario Circuit old_mario_gc.szs

Lighting Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 old_mario_sfc.szs
DS Peach Gardens old_garden_ds.szs
NGC DK Mountain old_donkey_gc.szs
N64 Bowser Castle old_koopa_64.szs


Luigi Sunset (credits): ending_demo.szs
draw_demo.szs (like MC, no textures, no lap, no checkpoints, no lakitu when going backwards)
winningrun_demo.szs (That circuit when you get 1st 2nd or 3rd in a GP/VS)
loser_demo.szs (That circuit when you finish 4th or worse in a GP/VS and when your battle team lose)
ring_mission.szs (Galaxy Colosseum)


block_battle.szs = block plaza
casino_battle.szs = ChainChomp Roulette
old_battle3_gba.szs = GBA Battle Course 3
old_battle4_sfc.szs = SNES Battle Course 4
old_cookieland_gc.szs = GCN Cookieland
old_house_ds.szs = DS Twilight House
old_matenro_64.szs = N64 Sky Scraper
sand_battle.szs = Thwomp Desert
skate_battle.szs = Funky Stadium
venice_battle.szs = Delfino Pier

Note: add _d at the end of the name for MULTIPLAYER (both for race and battle stages)


Mushroom Cup

1-Luigi Circuit -> n_circuit32_n (_f the last round)
2 Moo Moo Meadows -> n_farm_n (_f the last round)
3-Mushroom Gorge -> n_kinoko_n (_f the last round)
4-Toad's Factory -> STRM_N_FACTORY_N (_f the last round)

Flower Cup

5-Mario Circuit -> n_circuit32_n (_f the last round)
6-Coconut Mall -> n_shopping32_n (_f the last round)
7-DK Summit -> n_snowboard32_n (_f the last round)
8-Wario's Gold Mine-> STRM_N_TRUCK_N (_f the last round)

Star Cup

9-Daisy Circuit -> n_daisy32_n (_f the last round)
10-Koopa Cape -> STRM_N_WATER_N (_f the last round)
11-Maple Treeway -> n_maple_n (_f the last round)
12-Grumble Volcano -> n_volcano32_n (_f the last round)

Special Cup

13-Dry Dry Ruins -> STRM_N_DESERT_N (_f the last round)
14-Moon View Highway -> STRM_N_RIDGEHIGHWAY_N (_f the last round)
15-Bowser's Castle -> STRM_N_KOOPA_N (_f the last round)
16-Rainbow Road -> n_rainbow32_n (_f the last round)

Shell Cup

17-GCN Peach Beach -> r_gc_beach32_n (_f the last round)
18-DS Yoshi Falls -> r_ds_jungle32_n (_f the last round)
19-SNES Ghost Valley 2 -> r_sfc_obake32_n (_f the last round)
20-N64 Mario Raceway -> r_64_circuit32_n (_f the last round)

Banana Cup

21-N64 Sherbet Land -> r_64_sherbet32_n (_f the last round)
22-GBA Shyguy Beach -> r_agb_beach32_n (_f the last round)
23-DS Delfino -> r_ds_town32_n (_f the last round)
24-GCN Waluigi Stadium -> r_gc_stadium32_n (_f the last round)

Leaf Cup

25-DS Desert Hills -> r_ds_desert32_n (_f the last round)
26-GBA Bowser Castle 3 -> r_agb_kuppa32_n (_f the last round)
27-N64 DK Jungle Parkway -> r_64_jungle32_n (_f the last round)
28-GCN Mario Circuit -> r_gc_circuit32_n (_f the last round)

Lightning Cup

29-SNES Mario Circuit 3 -> r_sfc_circuit32_n (_f the last round)
30-DS Peach Garden -> r_ds_garden32_n (_f the last round)
31-GCN DK Mountain -> r_gc_mountain32_n (_f the last round)
32-N64 Bowser's Castle -> r_64_kuppa32_n (_f the last round)

Take out the * before each BRSTM name

* o_FanfareTA1st_32.brstm-------> finish first / Winning Results (Battle)
* o_FanfareTA1st_only32.brstm---> Finish First (Battle)
* o_hyousyou_cut.brstm----------> Trophy Presentation (shorter)
* o_hyousyou_lose.brstm---------> No trophy for you!
* o_hyousyou_normal.brstm-------> trophy presentations (short)
* o_hyousyou_winningrun.brstm---> Trophy Presentation
* o_Option_32.brstm-------------> options
* o_Start2_32_fan.brstm---------> start your engines (time trial)
* o_Start32_fan.brstm-----------> Start Your Engines (Race)
* strm_me.brstm ----------------> band/ fanfare
* o_Wi-Fi_waiting32.brstm--------> waiting to join (Wi-Fi) and ghost replay music
* o_Crs_In_Fan.brstm intro-------> race (race)
* o_Crs_In_Fan_battle.brstm-----> race intro (battle)
* o_Crs_In_Fan_Wifi.brstm-------> race intro (Wi-Fi)
* o_Ending_PartA_32.brstm ------>- generique1 end-game (luigi circuit)
* o_FanfareBTdraw_32.brstm-----> draw / Winning Results (Battle)
* o_FanfareGP1_32.brstm---------> finish first / Winning Results (Race)
* o_FanfareGP1_only32.brstm-----> Finish First (Race)
* o_FanfareGP2_32.brstm---------> finish ok / Winning Results (Race)
* o_FanfareGP2_only32.brstm-----> finish ok (race)
* o_FanfareGPdame_32.brstm -----> finish-out / losing results (race)
* o_FanfareGPdame_only32.brstm--> finish out (race)
* o_FanfareMIlose_32.brstm-------> defeat / Losing Results (Battle)
* o_FanfareMIlose_only32.brstm---> Defeat (Battle)
* o_FanfareMIwin_32.brstm-------> victory / Winning Results (Time Trial)
* o_FanfareMIwin_only32.brstm---> Victory (Time Trial)
* o_FanfareMIWinBoss_32.brstm---> victory / Winning Results (Competition)
* n_BossMI.brstm ----------------> (Galaxy Colosseum, which plays on SADX Twinkle Circuit)
* o_FanfareTA1st_32 -------------> (victory + winning results [battle], top player)
* o_FanfareMIwin_32.brstm -------> (also plays for victory + winning results [battle] when your team wins but you're not the top player)

Battle Stages:

Delfino Pier = n_venice_n (F for the last minute)
Funky Stadium = n_skate_n (F for the last minute)
N64 SkyScraper = r_64_battle_n (F for the last minute)
GBA Battle Course 3= r_agb_battle_n (F for the last minute) and yes, is "agb", not "gba"
DS Twilight House = r_DS_battle_n (F for the last minute)
SNES Battle Course 4 = r_sfc_battle_n (F for the last minute)
Block Plaza = n_block_n (F for the last minute)
ChainChomp Roulette = n_casino_n (F for the last minute)
GCN Cookieland = r_GC_Battle32_n (F for the last minute)
Thwomp Desert = n_ryuusa_n (F for the last minute) <- NOT SURE

BRSAR files:
revo_kart.brsar (contains: menu musics, connecting to WFC musics, character voices, vehicles' sound, star and megashroom music, shell and other items music, most likely very hard to edit properly)
HomeButtonSE.brsar (probably the home menu sounds, never read anything about this)


banana.thp ----- Banana Cup Courses
battle_cup_select.thp ----- All Battle Cup Stages
battle_retro.thp ----- Retro Battle Cup Stages
battle_wii.thp ----- Wii Battle Cup Stages
cup_select.thp ----- All Racing Cup Courses
flower.thp ----- Flower Cup Courses
kinoko.thp ----- Mushroom Cup Courses
konoha.thp ----- Leaf Cup Courses
koura.thp ----- Shell Cup Courses
special.thp ----- Special Cup Courses
star.thp ----- Star Cup Courses
lightning.thp ----- Lighning Cup Courses

class_top.thp ----- Racers Racing When Choosing GP Class
drift_select.thp ----- Mario Racing In A Kart Showing Automatic Or Manual When Choosing Drift Mode
indiv_team.thp ----- Pedestal Of Celebrating Racers When Choosing Team Race Or Solo
multi_top.thp ----- Gameplay Of VS Race And Battle When Choosing One After Choosing Multiplayer Mode
single_top.thp ----- Gameplay Of VS Race And Battle When Choosing One After Chossing Single Player Mode
top_menu.thp ----- Little Animations In The Title Screen Right After You Choose Your License

ending_normal.thp ----- After Getting Gold Cups On All Cups 150cc And Below, It Is The Ending Scene After Sunset Luigi Circuit And Shows A Little Box In The Corner Showing This
ending_true.thp ----- After Getting Gold Cups On ALL Cups Including Mirror, It Is The Ending Scene After Sunset Luigi Circuit And Shows A Little Box In The Corner Showing This


Award_*.szs ----- Award Ceremony
Channel_*.szs ----- Mario Kart Wii Channel
Event_*.szs ----- Most Likely A Tournament, But Not 100% Sure
Globe_*.szs ----- Nintendo WFC
MenuMulti_*.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Multi Player
MenuSingle_*.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Single Player
Present_*.szs ----- Getting New Character/Vehicle Screen
Race_*.szs ----- A VS Race Or Battle
Title_*.szs ----- Title Screens Until The Screen After Choosing License

* = Language

E=English PAL
U=English NTSC
S=Spanish PAL
F=French PAL
Q=French NTSC (Q standing for Quebec?)
M=Spanish NTSC (M standing for Mexico?)


*-allkart.szs ----- Character's Vehicles
*-allkart_BT.szs ----- Character's Vehicles (Battle Mode)

* = character (same list as in the first part; Example: Yoshi in the menu = ys_allkart)




Award.szs ----- Award Ceremony
Channel.szs ----- Mario Kart Wii Channel
Event.szs ----- Most Likely A Tournament, But Not 100% Sure
Globe.szs ----- Nintendo WFC
MenuMulti.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Multi Player
MenuSingle.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Single Player
Present.szs ----- Getting New Character/Vehicle Screen
Race.szs ----- A VS Race Or Battle
Title.szs ----- Title Screens Until The Screen After Choosing License

Note: In Korean ISO those files^ end with _R (example: Race_R, Globe_R etc)


common.szs (everything is here)


font.szs (font_K.szs in the Korean game)


english.szs = english
italian.szs = italian
for all languages




CommonObj01.szs = Portals (Like in KC's competitions)
CommonObj02.szs = coin
CommonObj03.szs = ramp models
CommonObj04.szs = kinoko's (bouncy mushrooms)
CommonObj05.szs = pipe, goomba, woodboxes, oil stain, pylon
CommonObj06.szs = chain chomp, and rolling chomp
CommonObj07.szs = hanachan (i have no idea how i can tell you the right english word)
CommonObj08.szs = Dry Bowser's Fire Breath
CommonObj09.szs = it call: sanbo i'm not sure but i think it's the one who's in Desert Hills.
CommonObj10.szs = thwomp
CommonObj11.szs = bomb car
CommonObj12.szs = bat, dk mountain rock, cataquack



Guess the language


Backmodel.szs -> the waving flag when you are on VS race, the cup when u r on a GP, the 2 balloons when u r battling, the cronometer when on tt (hard to understand maybe)
Earth.szs -> maybe the earth's textures (when u r on wfc)... all the textures are like 8x8 pixels, and the 3d model is empty


old_mario_gc_b.szs (Direct port of GCN Mario Circuit)
MiiBody.szs (contains mii animation and textures... but idk where those textures are used...)
savebanner.tpl (image of the savegame)




These files are inside szs's. Big list, so I spoiler it




Do NOT quote this post

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CTGP-R v1.03 launched www.chadsoft.co.uk
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You forgot battle tracks.
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[status intensifies]
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Ok I'm adding them now Thx
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rainbow road music has a 32 on it as well. I tried without it and it didn't work. :x
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Originally Posted by »Enryx13 View Post

What are these?
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Waiting for Pikmin, Mario, and Mario Kart in HD

OMFG! This deserves a sticky! Will be so helpful. Finally get to test my "Invisible Rider" model hack. (No King Boo on Flame Runner, only the bike it self.

Thanks again for posting!


*requested sticky*

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You forgot a file named Driver.szs. That's used for the character select screen.
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Waiting for Pikmin, Mario, and Mario Kart in HD

Thanks LucarioDude (sp?) for the sticky! No more having to guess what the contents of a file are.
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[status intensifies]
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Hey thx everyone

@SexyFlareon U r right UPDATED
@M&SG Added
@>Vinsta< they r unknown ^^. Anyway, they have textures (the same textures), but no map...

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Originally Posted by »Enryx13 View Post
Hey thx everyone
@>Vinsta< they r unknown ^^. Anyway, they have textures (the same textures), but no map...
I know but I thought there was only one...
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