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Question Best Character/ Vehicle Combo

Good Day Everyone,
I'm looking for suggestions on character/vehicle combo to try out. If I remember correctly that bigger they are, the more sluggish they are. Is this correct? Any tips would be great.

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I have started to use Mario + Wild Wing, when i play with wheel.
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toad and cheep charger
daisy and dolphin dasher
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there is no best combo. Just choose whatever you like.
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There are already alot of threads like this but, I prefer My Mii with the dolphin Dasher or the Mach Bike.
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When I first got the game I stuck to a kart and used the Classic Dragster. It has good drift and acceleration and helped me get used to the new controls of the game. I wanted something with better control, so I tried out a couple of bikes; the Mach has the sharpest turning.

I used Mario and the Mach Bike for a long time because Mario was my favorite character and the Mach Bike has the best drifting in the game as well as great speed. It is a great kart and I highly recommend it - but it is tough to get used to.

I switched to Daisy on the Mach because she was statistically faster, but I liked Mario's control a little better and switched back.

After growing tired of getting bumped off of the track, I switched to Bowser on the Flame Runner (or Bowser Bike). Bowser has good weight and extra drift statistically and he is pretty much the man. The Flame Runner has a very good top speed, very good weight, very good drift and mini-turbos, and sucky anything else.

As you can see, I experimented a lot. Try out combos you like and see how they work for you.
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i like waluigi and the offroader
luigi and wild wing
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best combo: daisy, dolphin dasher, gc controller
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i use dry bones & bullet bike
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My best combo is: Mii + Dolphin Dasher

It is a really good combo, and lets me come in the top 3. So, yeah, I highly recommend it =]
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