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This is not a clan.
Clan must have achieved Veteran status
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Exceptions may be made on an individual basis
Please PM me if you want your clan to be added here


★★Thanks to Raymie for creating & maintaining most of these entries, also
thanks to ZerotheHero and Falaflame for maintaining this thread in Raymie's absence.

Many of the greatest names in competitive Mario Kart are simply left for dead and never paid tribute to. At the Mario Kart Funeral Home, your dead clan can rest in peace. Just post a little information about your clan and we'll memorialize it for you.

All-Stars (May 2009-July 2011)
Led by Demise, All Stars was another cream of the crop good clan, among the best in its time. The clan has amassed a bunch of awards from MKC, MPC, and WCL, often showing up in Division 1. The clan shut down in 2011, but lives on in a legacy of everything it had accomplished in the span of about 2 years.

Alternative Elite Team (2008-2009)
Elche rose to prominence with Evolution, his clan, which merged with Kathy's Acid Reign into Æ7 in the spring of 2009. It won the World Clan League Season 3 title, but not before it died. (The clan's team 1 played its week 10 war that season.) Both of Æ7's teams hold the distinction of being the only division champion teams to die during the WCL season.

Not related to the modern Æ7 squad.

Angels of Darkness (2009?-October 2009)
Angels of Darkness looked like it was set for success. It was in the WCL division 5 for the first two weeks of season 4. Flame wars and drama caused ten members to leave in a row; the remaining seven left one by one. Two members remained, and the clan was closed.

Asphalt Warriors (August 2008-14 Feb 2010; 2010)
A proud clan with a storied history. Died in February 2010 due to arguments; died later on in 2010 after a revival failed with veteran members not playing the game. Related to Team Meteor, that defacto replaced Asphalt Warriors in February 2010 and returned some time after the revival of aW.

Avenged (February-August 2009)
Founded by Viewtivision on 12 February 2009. In April, it merged with Shadow Gear for a week, which created the clan Retrogression. The merger was reversed after Avenged members were threatening to leave. After the ninth of ten WCL matches, Viewtivision was tired of losing. He left Mario Kart. Around the end of July, Avenged was reborn with most of the original members and with some newer ones. View again decided to quit Mario Kart, which simply meant more inactivity; after the clan languished in this state, members started to leave. Avenged disbanded on 28 August 2009.

Average Joes (2008-2009)
This long-running clan run by Joey Public lasted until his military service and absence created arguing within the clan; right before the start of WCL season 3, the clan folded, and my publicization of the issue got me a WCL administrative spot Joey Public was slated to hold.

Black and White (2008-2009; 2010)
Bw* was founded on November 20th, 2008. It was created by Colin and his best friend LightShock. The clan soon became one of Mario Kart's top-tier organizations. Bw died in mid-July 2009, due to inactivity and an overall lack of interest in the competitive community. A brief spring 2010 revival failed.

Britain on 'Shrooms (16 Oct 2008 - 18 Jan 2010)
This long-running clan was founded by Neiltendo and Ceege. It took part in the WCL and GTT and saw many racers over its time.

Bullet Bill (2008-Dec 2009)
Bullet Bill, a founding clan of the World Clan League and one of two that remained in the top division for four seasons, was created by RaBBit and featured such members as Morse, Now-R, Bao, Serra, and Serk over its lifetime. It pulled out of the World Clan League during Season 4 with player availability problems.

Clan Bankai (2008)
Reggie's famous squad eventually led to the original Infected with Skill and Unity. For some time in mid-2008, played as The Greatest Superlatives.

Climax (2009-September 2009)
Climax was a more successful clan with many of the same members as the European Goldies; it died in September 2009.

Dη¢★ Dark Nights Clan (January 2010)
I decided to put this clan in the MKFH as a reminder of what clans should never be. It was no successful clan. It did things that no clan should ever do. First, it disconnected in the middle of wars when it was losing. Second, it came out they listed losses as wins on their war record. Third, it came out that a member hacked. At last, on the 20th of the month, the clan declared itself dead, and everybody fighting against them rejoiced.

European Goldies (August 2008-December 2009)
The European Goldies were a long-running European clan.

Flow (May 5th 2009 – May 27th 2013)
Flow was founded by Lyfe and shock on May 5th 2009. It was originally called Ti8 (The IGN 8) and consisted of 8 friends from IGN. Over the years, the clan grew and prospered as a family and became a force to be reckoned with starting in Division 13 and ending up to be a division 1 contender. The bonds and the atmosphere in Flow is what made it a family and was the reason why it lasted so long and was very active finishing off with 3271 wars. Flow is a gaming family that will stick together and grow even though it has left the Mario Kart Wii scene.

Forever Onward (April 20th, 2013 - July 31st, 2013)
Forever Onward couldn't have happened at a better time. During the ~3 months they have been in existance, they accomplished a lot. They have taken down some of the powerhouse clans during its time, and competed in Division 3 in IL until a loss of interest between the leaders caused the clan to slowly creep towards its death. As of now, they are still considered a family.

Foro Vandal, Clan FV (2008-Nov 2009)
Long considered the top Spanish clan, like BB, FV was a founding WCL clan and remained in the Star Division for four seasons. Its pinnacle era was Season 3, when it lost the league title by four points to Æ7. Season 4 was a messy story - the clan withered, attempted a merger with Shadow Team as Shadow Vandal, then the FV side died outright (leading to a name change back to Shadow Team).

Fusion (October 2011 - January 2013)
Fusion was a team created by Percy after he turned his previous clan Golden Bullets into a community. Fusion started off as a rather small team, not really recognized for anything special. However, over time it gathered many talented members and started performing very well. Some members used Fusion as a launch pad for other opportunities, while the core group of members remained and became very close friends. When Matt retired Percy carried on as leader of Fusion, but it died shortly after. Percy returned to MKW later in 2013 and Fusion is now a community that wars together occasionally, but is mostly known for its lasting friendships.

Golden Bullets (January 2011 - January 2012)
Golden Bullets was a clan formed by 4 friends. It rapidly grew into one of the largest and successful teams that only operated on the Mario Kart forums without Skype. It was a close knit group of friends that managed to keep the clan going as a community, but it was eventually left behind when Percy decided to make Fusion, a more competitive and skillful version of Golden Bullets.

Holy Angelz (April 2010-February 2011)
Holy Angelz was a long-running clan founded by Lin Pro and Mimi (from Enticing, another historic Australian clan). Low churn kept the clan active, and it even participated in the MKCL. Real life, plus a split that led to the now-dead clan Electrified, eventually led to the clan's closure. Since revived as a subclan

Infected With Skill (October 2008-August 2012)
A widely-known top-tier clan that has seen very many members, as well as very many leaders, most notably Sphinx. iS has also seen a few resurrections as well. As a fierce competitor in WCL and MKC, they were a major wall to get through in Division 1. This clan, along with a select few clans, have set the standard for other clans as far as success goes during its time.

ICE* (Invitational Clan for Excellence) (2008-2009)
Created by Cobalt on 28 May 2008, ICE* was the clan that became almost universally known by its tag (thread here). It is considered to be the first clan based purely on friendships. It was a founding WCL and GTT clan.

Kaizoku (2008-2009)
Kaizoku, another longtime French fixture in the World Clan League, was created by Shika and Houbi. Among some of its members were Sims, Lili, Teknik, and Falco. It died after WCL Season 3.

Kerosene Night (2008)
Kerosene Night was among the first wave of clans in the Mario Kart community. It was led by Lcact. The clan competed in several of the earliest versions of the GTT and participated in plenty of wars. He left shortly after the clan becoming bigger, as the clan was one of few at the time with websites with an active chat. Snyper picked up the flag of leadership and did so for the remainder of the clan's life. During its life, Kerosene Night had one main rival, Clan Bankai. Kerosene Night died slowly due to arguments and other personal problems within the clan, causing Snyper to leave.

LIT (Lightning Invitational Team) (2008)
LIT and ICE* once comprised a great rivalry of Mario Kart. LIT, a top-tier clan in its heyday, went on to the World Clan League, where Wii Troopers members exposed hacking by leader Jimray, which led to the entire clan's demise; Jimray's exit from Mario Kart followed because of what he perceived as the stupidity of the community.

Next Level Gaming (July-August 2009)
A short-lived merger of Infected with Skill and The Prophecy. When Titan left, the Infected with Skill name returned.Other old incarnations of The Prophecy include Titan Elite, the original 2008 name of the clan, and Trinity.

Nitrous Oxide (March 2010 - June 2010)
In early March 2010, Ken and Storm revived η2σ which had existed for only a short time in the past. A merge with the clan Pro ♥♥♥♥ers (led by FearZ and Zak) made η2σ a fairly well known clan. η2σ played most of a season in WCL Division 9, Season 6, but was better known for their performance in clan territory wars, having RR for 4 consecutive wins (losing it to KT), and a couple other tracks. Problems within the clan between the leaders arose, and although they were able to be resolved for a short time, by the end of June many losses demoralized the team and the team faded. Many of η2σ's members would come back together to become ρæ in April of 2011 (which also happens to be the next entry!).

Pandemonium (April 2nd, 2011 - February 27th, 2012)
Although most known for being a "hacking clan," Pandemonium was a fairly successful team during its time. It was created by remaining members of Nitrous Oxide and quickly had many new members. ρæ won Division 8 of WCL season 9, and worked its way up to Division 3 by season 11. Pandemonium was also crowned world champions in Division 1 of MKC season 4. After the main leader, Ken, quit the game, the clan slowly became more and more inactive until its death. Pandemonium is a family.

Purity (June-September 2009)
Purity happened to be in the right place at the right time. A small division 13 outfit operated by Spinout, it absorbed Elite Exiles members and Mischief, won WCL division 12, setting off the biggest upset in competitive Mario Kart Wii history by beating All-Stars. They were to be in division 5 in season 4 before they died unexpectedly.

Red Brigade (13 May to 23 November 2008)
The Red Brigade was the official clan of friendcodes.com. [RB], as it was more popularly known, was a powerful clan in its time. Many of its members joined Black and White after this clan's death, and many - though not its leaders, Mark and Snow - joined [Rv] after Black and White collapsed. Has been revived.

Resentful Racers (March 2011 - April 2012)
Resentful Racers, also known as Resentful Rogues, was originally a small team of gamers called Nintendorks, but they soon changed the name to Rogue Death Squad in late 2010. The team remained small, a group of friends playing an assortment of games. Calvin changed the name to Resentful Rogues in March 2011 and began working to create a team from inspirations of the Wii Troopers clan. RR spanned over a number of games, but it found most success on Mario Kart Wii. The team changed its name to Resentful Racers when the MKW division became the prominent division of the clan. Resentful Racers took in many low level players and had a large player roster, hosting a community team and a competitive team. Neither team was known for winning, but strong friendships were built, and RR was the launch pad for many newer players to move onto bigger and better things. The clan's activity tanked early 2012 and it was renamed the Afterlife Battlefront Team for about a month. Calvin realized RR would never return to its former status and decided to end the team for good in April 2012.

Revolution (2008 - 11 July 2012)
Founded by Bash, Revolution was a major force to be reckoned with during its prime. Along with its competition at the time, Infected With Skill, Revolution was one of the few clans that many members during its time base their own clan's barometer of success on. A perennial division 1 candidate in most seasons of WCL and MKC, as well as participating in the early parts of IL, Revolution has brought home plenty of hardware, including becoming WCL Champions in Season 4, 5, and 6. They closed in late 2012, but since then, as of a few weeks ago, has been revived as a community.

Shadow Smashers, Galloping Anonymous (25 Jan 2009-25 July 2010)
In 18 months, this clan became one of the World Clan League's most successful. Originally started as a subclan of allies that played in the WCL (a schism of Galloping Anonymous), it grew with a second team that, in its first WCL season, went 10-0. A short-lived schism marked the start of the downfall of the actual clan, and on 25 July 2010, Alvin announced that Shadow Smashers would return to a WCL team of allies.

Shellslingers (2008-2009)
See McMurphy's entry. (This only concerns the competitive subclan.)

§olo (January-August 2009)
§olo was one of the few hyper-successful battle clan threads. Until its demise, it had a solid record and great activity. It was considered a fun clan to be a part of.

Mercenary's great entry is available here.

Speed Pain (xx-xx)
Coming soon.

Stage Zero (July 2011 - June 2012)
Stage Zero was a small team with limited success for the first few months of its life. However, the clan took a turn when it picked up the following members: Ampharos, Rodendi, Chop (Brad), and Kuzan, among a couple others. These members made the clan extremely successful for awhile. These players started warring together so often however, that they broke off from the rest of the clan and formed Friends United. After this happened sZ went into decline and eventually died.

Star Dashers (2008-October 2009)
Originally formed from the remaining members of The Mario Kart 64 Stars, The Star Dashers were one of the most venerable names in Mario Kart Wii for the longest time. Despite being a very powerful clan, the clan eventually became more of a social group than a competitive team, and its status as an official clan dissolved.

Star Racerz (including other incarnations) (6 June 2008-17 November 2009)
The Star Racerz were a fixture in Mario Kart. Founded on 6 June 2008 by Lurid_Shadow, it took a mere eight days to fill up the clan entirely. Drama led to a rebirth as The Starz by Tails, an original SR member. The new name came with new Brawl and Pokémon divisions. But more drama led to Tails' departure, and Alex31 took the leadership mantle, leading into a second metamorphosis into the Galaxy Gods ([GG]) the next month. This incarnation was considered the weakest due to inactivity and slowly faded. LuigiRacer26 brought back the original [SR] on 31 December 2008. One of the longest-running clans in this final incarnation, they were widely known for their people, including Kain (one of my best friends) and LR26.

StarStruck (Feb-May 2011?)
A split between components of Revolution led to a considerably weaker (immediately after) Rv squad and StarStruck, which inherited many of the major names of Mario Kart's best living clan, such as Sphinx and Sunny. It won the WCL Season 8 title and stumbled through the early part of season 9 before folding outright. Infected with Skill won the next WCL title with many of StarStruck's assets.

There was also a battle clan by this name in January 2010.

Surprise Buttsecks (Aug. 2009? - Dec. 2009)
SB started with a meteoric rise to power and eventually accomplished its goal - win division 5 of the World Clan League in season 4. It died soon after.

Talladega Knights Clan (May 2008-August 2009)
TKC was founded 1 May 2008 by ownage, Taco31, and PDZ (aka Austin). Named after the movie Talladega Nights (notice the K), the clan went through many ups and downs but were successful and had tons of fun together. Its death came in mid-August 2009 as the clan grew impatient waiting for Ownage to return.

Team Prime/Pulse (2008-2009)
Team Prime was a well-known clan in its first incarnation. Pulse, created by Sharpie, eventually became the second Team Prime, a founding WCL clan. Span, Team Prime's leader, is now at [Rv] and a WCL admin.

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Team Teen (2008-2009)
Team Teen was founded by Olly and LondonToad after Olly left Team Prime. It took a while to get members, but once it did, the clan became much more active. About seven to ten members were loyal to the clan, while others came and went. Team Teen raced in over 150 clan wars and was a WCL founding clan (season 1). In February 2009, Olly had exams and decided to close the clan.

Team Thunder (2008)
Team Thunder existed for a couple of months and was the beginning of what would become LIT. Initially very successful, a rift between multiple members of the clan saw it disband not too long after it was founded. One week after disbanding, LIT was formed with half of Team Thunder's former members.

Team Night (February 2013 - June 2013)
Team Night was a team founded by Sketch and Calvin and grew quickly into a fairly strong team. The beginning was rough due to hacking accusations but the team fought past these and began participating in IL. In Season 4 they were dropped into division 3, starting with a record of 1-5. They turned that record into 5-5 that season, and in Season 5 they won Division 3 by going 8-2 in what was said to be one of the league's most competitive divisions. The clan died after the last week of Season 5 IL due to many members moving on to different teams.

Clan TRAK Brazil (late 2009-2011)
Brazil's second-tier team in the XBT era, Clan TRAK was very large compared to other clans at the outset. It also stuck around until mid-2011, when a World Clan League hacking investigation found leader Lexx guilty. The team disintegrated quickly.

Triforce Dashers (2008, 2010)
A well-respected clan back in '08, Flygon led what was a successful clan. The clan was a rare "fun yet competitive" clan, and existed until Flygon's inactivity forced the clan to shut down in early January of 2009. The clan has seen very many members that went on to have already make their name in the Mario Kart Wii community. Revived in 2010 by Mercenary, the clan gained respect from other clans once again, like its older counterpart. Unfortunately, a mass departure in mid-April led the clan back to its grave, put to rest for good.

Disclosure: This entry was written by Falaflame, who ran the Funeral Home from 15-30 May 2010.

Unity (2008) (Mario Kart Wii division only)
Unity, now a fabled name among many in Mario Kart history, used to actually be a clan - a clan that was cream of the crop good - instead of a community. It even played in season 1 of the World Clan League, but shut down its Mario Kart Wii operations due to what they called "halting of the progression of [Mario Kart Wii's] metagame" due to opposition to sandbagging, which still exists today. At the end of their life, they published the Unity Shock Guide, an examination of how hacked items work, revealing that hacked and legitimate Bullet Bills, Blue Shells, and Lightning items could not work in certain configurations. This paved the way for several key hacking allegations in the future.

Ultimate Killers/Esquadrão Rush (Dec 2008-Dec 2009)
Ultimate Killers started as eR (Esquadrão Rush), the first Brazilian clan founded by Shadow in December 2008. It was in seasons 2 through 4 of the WCL, going from division 12 to 10 (where they were champions in season 3) and later 6 (where they took 2nd place) along the way. It disbanded in December 2009.

Wii Troopers/Elite Exiles (2008/2009)
The Wii Troopers, the first clan ever to play a World Clan League war (11 October 2008 against The Elite Connection), and their successor (the Elite Exiles), were known for top-tier players. When Elite Exiles died, many of its players went to Purity.

Xero Limits (December 5, 2008)
This clan is probably one of the most unknown names in Mario Kart. However, it would have been composed of big names. Xero Limits, or [XL], was a one-day merger attempt in December 2008 of EvolutionPikaRiders (one of the predecessors to Æ7) and Infected with Skill, and both Elche and Sphinx were involved. Some described the clan as "Infected with Pikariders".

Xtreme Alliance/Destined (2008)
The Xtreme Alliance was the best of the six clans I was in. I made quite a few friends there. It reformed and tried to emulate Unity as "Destined" but flopped by the beginning of December.

Xtreme Brazilian Team, Quantum (July 2009-August 2010; December 2010-May 2011)
When it came on the scene, XBT was the second-tier clan for Brazilian players, behind eR. It was placed in WCL Division 15 (Season 3), the league's most turbulent and unstable division. Halfway through the season, that division had three clans. XBT won the division and was its only survivor. XBT later went on to be THE Brazilian clan, with significant skill increases, more WCL division titles (it won in seasons 5 and 6), and an ever-evolving look. It died in October 2010. A 2011 revival as Quantum won the WCL Division 4 title in Season 8 but folded shortly after due to a lack of interest among the members and leadership issues.

Xtreme Kill, Serious Business (2008-Dec 2009; 2010)
Ah, Xtreme Kill, quite possibly my favorite clan of all time. They hold a special place in my heart, probably because of the effect the graphics packages I made for them had for me. They died the first time in December 2009, then an early 2010 revival (which made its debut as Serious Business) lasted until May.

Since revived as a community.

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Writeups entered into the Funeral Home are rewritten for tone. In some cases, information from clan history threads may be added to a Funeral Home entry.

People who have ran the funeral in the past:
Raymie (2009-2010)
Falaflame (2010)
Raymie (2010-2012)
ZerotheHero (2012-2013)
Falaflame (2013)
SmoQueed (2013-present)

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Kind of bored lately.
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Good luck with the second thread
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Lol second thread o.o
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has no status.
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Mario Kart's only truly independent administrator
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has no status.

Yes, Toad. Every other WCL administrator has a clan affiliation. I don't.
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has no status.
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I acknowledge that, but Mario Kart =/= WCL.

The tourney makes up a small portion of the total people that own this game.
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Who the hell do you think I am?
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Can I join this clan? I'm really good I promise.
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