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Always being lost
Don't bother trying.
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Default Lost C4D Resources

Another thread by me!

So I started to work with Cinema C4D R12.
And well I make these C4D thingies. And I would like to share it with everyone.
So here is a special thread for. =)

You may give critique but most C4D's are just randomly made.
It is FREE to use =)
Just share your work with me if you use it^^

I will try to render it up to 1000 x 1000 Pixels for great quality and better use.
Always transparent background.

List of Renders:
Always check the links

NEW [2000x2000] Turquoise Twist around
[2000x2000] Pink/Blue Glass theme
[1383x1181] Simple yellow star explosion

More to come =)

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The 1st one is amazing, I'll def. use it.
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Time Traveler
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These look amazing Felia (:.
Good luck
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Always being lost
Don't bother trying.
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New C4D Number #3.

3.10 Minutes render time.
Worked around 30min for this thing ._.
It's really big and have a interesting texture on it, No idea how I got there xD

Check spoiler for a mini picture. Click on it for original.


Give it a name! xD
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