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Default Why can't I have Gold Camo on my Secondaries? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Yeah, so of all the things in MW3, why the is it that I can gold everything in this game but I can't gold secondary weapons? Gold G18s, X25s, the SMAW, and on all those things would be like, the greatest thing ever.

It seems to be a trend with COD games in the past also, in Black Ops you couldn't gold camo anything in the secondaries (except the crossbow, but only via an Easter Egg, which doesn't work on any other secondaries). If anything I would want Gold camo on the Ballistic Knife and the Python in that game, or better yet, gold on the RPG.

Granted in COD4, you could gold camo the Desert Eagle, but that's one of the only secondaries you can gold camo (and in that game, you can't even gold camo the M40A3, the most awesome sniper rifle in that game).

So why's that the developers are lazy and couldn't be bothered to make gold camos for those weapons? >_>
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I heard it's possible to get the gold RPG. Same for concussions. I don't have a problem with no camo for secondaries and gold doesn't look great anyway. Honestly, I think they have more important things to be concerned about and they don't even bother with that.
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