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Back to playin MKW
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Default I sold MKW :( but.....

Well I finally sold my copy of Mario Kart Wii a couple weeks ago..I didn't think I'd ever do it... I still played it every now and then... Not much since buying the 360....But I sold it for 25 bucks... Which I was happy with... Well probably wondering why this is in CoD....

lol I stepped up and purchased Call of Duty Black Ops with the money from MKW....And I love it... I only played MW2 a couple times... and I owned most of the Wii CoD games but since I bought the Xbox in July... I probably wont be buying anymore of those....lol....I love Dead Ops Arcade.... As much as I love the actual game, this is probably my favorite mode to play. Just wish I could find other players who were good at this mode lol

I also beat the campaign mode (Only on the 2nd difficulty)... I'm going thru it again now on Hardenened...but I must say...good story line... It was a little confusing at times because towards the end kept going back and forth...not saying more than that to not spoil it for anyone... But that part was weird... But overall decent storyline... Playing it again now, I'm looking at some of the story and saying Ohhhhhhh.... Like when you are walking thru the Pentagon towards the beginning of the story and he says "We were in the Pentagon, we were watching the whole time... I was there." I remember the first time going thru that looking around like crazy trying to figure out who it was....And now playing it the 2nd time its like oh duh.... I should have guessed that.

Anyways, it for the most part has dragged me away from Red Dead Redemption and Arkham Asylum... Still trying to find time to play RDR though...It's my MKW of Xbox 360... Never going to fully pull me away until I sell it.

Anyways, I wouldn't mind playin with some people... Whether it be RDR or Black Ops... I'm aiming for people in Black Ops (Hence why this is in the CoD section)...I really would love to play some people who are good at Dead Ops, and not people who waste items to get every pickup in it either.... Save them, share the pickups the best you can and use them to get a high level and amount of kills...

Add me! Let me know in a msg while sending the request so I know where u are from......GT is oxDirtyDx

See ya on the battlefield!!

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The Beast known as Azurik
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Well hello old friend :)
Well I play Call of Duty Black Ops on the 360 from time to time if you would like to add me or whatever. I just started playing on the 360 so I am a low level I mostly play it on the PS3 but if you wants some games sometime feel free to add :). GT: Azule TygrKross
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Sit me down, shut me up I'll calm down and I'll get along with you.
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Good luck on hardened DirtyD. Try veteran and go for achievements. But they are really a pain tho. I did it all in one day luckily XD
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[Too Bored to Stay Away]
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Awww.... you should have bought it for the computer, then I could have played with you again.

But yeah, I tried beating it on Hardened, but it was extremely difficult for me to beat it (I never finished). Good luck trying to beat it.
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shoobity floobity doobity flibbbity zobbity bobbly
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My GT is TheGrimCreeper9. :)
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has no status.
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congratulations on giving up mkwii , it took me over two years to give it up and that was 5 months 3 days 14 hours and 25 minutes ago . only kidding . but seriously, there's far more adictive or better games to be played, mkwii was fun whislt it lasted.. .
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Titania, Queen of Fairies
They mad, they want bread.
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I added you and hope to play you soon. My GT is x YoonA if you didn't know...
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♢ Jack of Diamonds ♢
Accept no substitute.
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I wouldnt mind creating a zombie squad with more experienced players.
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feel the same way yo (except i haven't sold my mkw yet lol)
RDR was my top priority game for a while then i got occupied to play it and all my friends moved on :(
feel free to add for some posse up'ing!
GT -xKittyKat
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has no status.
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