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Default How to Get a Chopper Gunner/Dogs/Gunship

I want to know how to get one. I'm currently level 43. I normally use Ak74u with Grip+Rapid Fire, my killstreaks are Spy Plane, Blackbird and Chopper Gunner,Dogs,Or Gunship. Is there a setup I should be using or use? Are there better killstreaks? Please help. :)
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If you're using that, stop. Right now.

Treyarch recently nerfed the Ak-74u so it's more difficult to shoot at long ranges with (the grip is unnecessary, because the crosshairs were accurate without grip to begin with if you're running and gunning). You're better off using the Kiparis + extended mags + scavenger + SOH + and marathon/hacker/ninja because it has better Rate of Fire, accuracy, and power.

It's more powerful in all aspects (only downside being it normally has 20 rounds a clip, which is fixed by the extended mags attachment and where you'll usually run out of ammo, you'll recover it with scavenger (and you don't want to run out of ammo while using it, because you're in for the long haul in getting 11 kills). It is also less shaky than the 74u when it comes to aiming down the sights.

If you're playing on the wii version then I have no clue how effective this will be, but when I use it on my game I do much better than I do when I used that class you just mentioned

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i use care package, attack elicopter n then dogs attack i use m16,famas,stoner n secondary phyton in dual attachment then dont just camp, keep moving n keep an eye in ur radar
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Getting one isnt easy, skilled players can get a few like one a game without even trying. experience and practice is the key. playing defencively is a good idea if you want to rack up alot of kills, rarely for run and gun players will they get the higher kill streaks without a lot of luck. gun choice + perk combinations are important as well, experiment with different guns and attachments to see whats good for you.

I suggest this class, helped me get alot of higher up kill streaks.
AK47 E-mags
Python Speed reloader

And remember practice makes perfect, in no time you'll get to your goal.


heres some tips that may help you:
-Suppresed weapons cah help alot, not giving away your possition or attracting many unwelcome guests.
-Keep your eye on the radar, and be aware of the situation, be careful of enemy spawns, they can throw a wrench in your plans easily.
-Ghost protects you from spy planes, so your not at a disadvantage. Ghost Pro even offers protection from choppers really useful if the enemy team has the upper hand.
-Hardline relieves you of a kill, allways nice.
-Use spy planes and blackbirds to help you reach your goal.
-Carepackages attract enemies use them as bait.
-Sentries can protect your flanking positions if your hold up in a spot.
-Pick up a gun to replace with your secondary asap if you dont have scavenger equipt, you will go through heaps of ammo, it important to not get left with a pistol unless your really good with it.
-In objective based games you can defend the objectives, although this is kind of cheap its a very effective way of racking up your kill streaks.
-Motion sensors detect enemies, use them to get a jump on players comming your way.
-Dont run out in the open, rarely do you get to the other side without someone seeing you. take the back routes and get to an elevated point.
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it dont matter what weapon you use if you fire from the hip 9 times out of ten you will miss , so make sure you get a good aim then unleash , trust me its not about the weapon of choice its about quick aim on target

1 tip for perks if you want to get killstreak quicker would be to use Hardline , using this perk requires 1 less kill so if an attack chopper is 7 kills you only need 6 and if you open pro on hardline even better
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Well the only way I have managed to get them is to use a silencer on your weapon and use the following perks:

Ghost- They will not see you on their spy plane if you use this, and the suppresor/ silencer will help keep you completely invisible. The Pro Perk will make you invulnerable to aircraft making it easier to get KS's.

SoH- Good if you see 2 people, and they can't see you. Kill one, reload, kill the other. Remember that the Supressor/Silencer will help a lot. The Pro Perk will male you aim down sights faster, so you will get the upper hand when in a tight situation.

Hacker- You don't want a killstreak to end by stepping on a claymore, do you? Besides, the other Tier 3 Perks suck. The Pro Perk will let you sabotage enemy equipment, so you may kill someone with their own claymore.

But the main thing to do in order to get them is to practice. When using this setup it did take a few weeks to get one.
However, once you get the hang of it you will be owning ass!

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