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Default [Help) Freezes Problems.

Hi everyone here...
Like you maybe knew I'm 15th Prestige on Black Ops Lvl 43...
And it started yesterday night after a game...My screen freezed during the black screen Call of duty Black ops after results.
it just get worse with times... This morning, I played 1 hour without any problem and got freezed again after the result on the black ops screen... Now it just freeze anytime I just start a ps3 game (not specialy at the end of a party... but anytime) I just reformated my PS3 and did everythings I could... and it just get worse and worse... It's probably going to get the yellow lights (Overheat)... The blueray disc is probably dead or something idk...

Thanks everyone.
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Oh, the drama.
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Too much Black Ops.
Let it take a break.
The odds are its the YLOD.
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CV mama
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my ps3 was acting up the same way, try a disc cleaning kit . we just took ours apart and cleaned it and it's good as new :) lots of vids on YT on how to do that or replace the drive if you'r crafty like that.
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