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Only light can drive out darkness
The Man in Black's comin' back.
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Default What would you grab from the burning house?

You have 1 minute to escape. You only have enough time to grab TWO items, and only two. What would you take with you? (Family members and pets are already safe)
I would grab my Wii (im such a nerd) and my Scooby Doo poster (one of the original drawings, very rare).
Nothing cheesy, like "Id grab my memories and Id take the good times".

This is not a forum game, so dont move it there! D:<

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has no status.
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My laptop and my Xbox.

My wii is very old so I wouldn't take that...
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The Mii Dude
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I would grab my phone (communication all the way), and if I was lucky enough some money, if that didn't work out I would probably grab my laptop.
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Won't be on the forums much
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My computer and my Wii
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You've gone stale. What happened?
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My dogs.
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has no status.
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Some warm clothing (it's very cold in winter) i'd prob just grab everything i can while running toward the door after that. try to salvage as much as possible.
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You make me blush!!
Seriously! You're making me blush!
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I'd pack all I own into 2 boxes (thus, making the 2 objects I have to grab), and run out of the house with those.

But if packing all that into two boxes was considered 'cheating', then I'd grab my brown Hello Kitty plushie and my laptop. :p
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Some money and a jacket with my cell phone already in it xD
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my wii and 3ds lol
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Currently at 8,200 vr on MK7 :3
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My fridge and my tv jk...

My 3DS and my wallet. (i got a lot of $ in there :p)
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