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Cosmic Beauty
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Default M&SG's Mario Kart Wii Textures

M&SG's Mario Kart Wii Textures

With the creation of the Mario Kart Workshop board, I thought that I should show my MK Wii texture hacks somewhere other than a Riivolution discussion thread. Everything that you see below can be used with Riivolution.

Character Textures

Red Yoshi - Download

Fire Rosalina - Download

Red Koopa Troopa - Download

Flying Mario - Download

Flying Luigi - Download

Flying Wario - Download

Flying Waluigi - Download

Dark Bones - Download

Red Birdo - Download

Shadow Bowser Jr. - Download

Super Kong - Download

Flying Baby Mario - Download

Baby Rosalina - Download

Flying Baby Luigi - Download

Tropical Funky - Download

Shadow Bowser - Download

Dark Dry Bowser - Download

Teal Outfit Daisy - Download

Teal Outfit Baby Daisy - Download

Fire Toad - Download

Track Textures

Yellow Sky Mushroom Gorge - Download

Snow Capped Meadows - Download

Shadow Bowser's Castle - Download

Item Textures

Yellow Shell - Download

Blue Shell - Download

Burning Bullet Bill - Download

Brown Banana - Download

Other Textures

TPL Edits - Included in the character texture downloads

Last edited by Mario and Sonic Guy; 10-12-2012 at 06:44 PM. Reason: Download fixes
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Cosmic Beauty
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Texture Usage Info

1: Textures can be used with the NTSC and PAL region versions of MK Wii.

2: Downloads are ZIP files, which contain folders that must be exported into the folder that Riivolution will recognize as the root of the MK Wii ISO.

3: Character textures do include some BRRES files that need to be imported into either Driver.szs or Award.szs. A text document will also be present for some extra help.

4: The character texture SZS files are all meant to be used at the same time, not separately. As a result, you won't find the textures in the SZS File Patch Server.

5: What you see on the images above is what you get when you use the textures.

How to use these Textures

1: Get hold of Riivolution.

2: Create a folder named riivolution on the root of your SD card.

[SD drive]\riivolution\

3: Get hold of a Mario Kart Wii Patch Template, and insert it into the riivolution folder. It'll be an XML document, and you can modify it to your liking.

4: Create a folder that'll be recognized as the root of the Mario Kart Wii ISO. I'll be using the name mkwii as the ISO's root folder. However, if you're using those Custom Track Packs, you may be asked to store the contents into the My Stuff folder.

[SD drive]\mkwii\

5: Download any one of the texture ZIP files above, and extract the folders into your root folder. The files inside those folders will also be extracted.

Character Textures
[SD drive]\mkwii\Race\Kart\
[SD drive]\mkwii\Scene\Model\Kart\

Track Textures
[SD drive]\mkwii\Race\Course\

6: In terms of the BRRES files, you need to import them into the correct SZS files. The text documents will give you all the information that you'll need.

7: When using Driver.szs and Award.szs, insert them into the following directories.

[SD drive]\mkwii\Demo\Award.szs
[SD drive]\mkwii\Scene\Model\Driver.szs

8: Load up Riivolution, enable your Mario Kart Wii Patch Template, launch the game, and you're all set.

SZS Modifier and Read-Only files

For some reason, the SZS Modifier can't read files that have the read-only status. Johnny! mentioned a way that you can remove the read-only status from files with Command Prompt.

Originally Posted by Johnny!
How to remove read-only status:

Go to Command Prompt, and then using command prompt, go to the file loacation you have the files you want to remove read-only status. Then type: attrib -r ./*.{file extension, in this case, it would be brres} /s.

So it should look like this is command prompt: If (for example) the files are in C:\User\Johnny\Downloads, you would go to that in cmd and type:

attrib -r ./*.brres /s
Also, an alternate way to remove the read-only status is to check the file's properties. Uncheck the read-only box and you're all good.

Johnny! states this as well:

Originally Posted by Johnny! View Post
Another way to remove read-only is to right click file(s) [Yes, you can do more than 1 at a time] and click "Properties". Then untick "Read-Only". This is much easier than Command Prompt.

Last edited by Mario and Sonic Guy; 10-08-2010 at 09:36 PM. Reason: Added more stuff involving the read-only status
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Hai :3
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Cool. May I suggest making a Mii Outfit texture?
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To broadcast MK8 footage from me to you.
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I like the textures. These are one of the best I've seen so far.
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Love the textures. Make a Blue Yoshi and I'm in. x3
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I have my Yoshi in the game... He's blue. Though he's MINE. >:C
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Is getting a new awesome personal built computer! :D
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Thats pretty cool!!! Although I hate hacks but only 1 hack type I only respect is texture hack...

Since there's a Fire Rosalina, I want to see Fire Toadette on my SK when it looks awesome I would download it...
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Global Mod | #AGP2014
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Awesome work M&SG... are you planning on doing anymore ?

If so I can't wait to see them :)
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[status intensifies]
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Great work with character's textures... I'm waiting for some course textures
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Mario Kart Anime n Manga Society and ALC and EPC Leader!
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Nice and great work Mario and Sonic Guy
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