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Solar Kart Wii has been released. Get it at the thread in the Textures section.
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Default Ultimate Custom Stuff xml

Well, in my spare time, I created this custom xml.


Download: Ultimate Custom Stuff.zip

Extras: This enables you to have two extra sets of tracks, so you can have one for textures, one for CTs, and one for whatever if you'd like to. A SuperMenu_U is included, which contains all text for menus, races, and error messages (thanks to Mr Bean and CTGP-R). readme files have been placed throughout, telling what goes where, and what to name it, along with it's use.

Drawbacks: NTSC-U support only, unless you feel like editing an xml file. Japan and Europe may come soon, but if you want Korean, PM me, as I find it useless to put in a region that almost no one uses. Text is also only for English, but if you're reading this then you're probably fine.

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